EPP 037: From Hitting Rock Bottom To Success With Derek Rydall

Derek Rydall Extra Paycheck podcast

In this episode of Extra Paycheck podcast I am joined by Derek Rydall, an author, a trainer, an entrepreneur and a life changer.

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This week Derek Rydall is sharing his personal story. Derek is the author of the #1 Amazon and Barnes & Noble best-seller EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change and the world’s #1 expert on the revolutionary Law of Emergence. In his career Derek trained some of the top Fortune 500 Company executives and has coached celebrities and media professionals, including Oscar and Emmy winners. Derek Rydall has touched hundreds of thousands around the planet with his message on finding your path, living your purpose and making a powerful impact!

However, life wasn’t always great for Derek. In fact, his personal life and career were going so bad at some point that Derek almost died. This experience has forced Derek to re-evaluate everything in his life and helped him find his calling and his purpose. I am not going to spoil this episode by writing down all the details so simply scroll up and hit the PLAY button, you’ve got an amazing and empowering episode ahead of you.


In today’s episode you will learn:

  • Why you should always stay positive
  • Why you should always serve people
  • Why you need to have a vision for your life
  • Why “Making More Money” is not a great goal
  • … and a lot more!


You can learn more about Derek here:

Get Emergence Book (comes with lots of bonuses!)

Emergence Training (free course)

Derek Rydall website



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– Alex


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