In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast we’re talking about keywords and keyword research.

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don't do keyword research

Back in the day we used to load up the free google keyword tool, type in a generic keyword such as “buy TV” and Google would give a loooong list of related keyword phrases and derivatives such as “Where to buy a cheap TV”, “buy 50″ TV”, “Best site to buy a tv” and so on. We would then take these keywords and create a bunch of articles where each article would concentrate on each keyword phrase. We didn’t care that the content was of low quality and did not provide much (if any) value to the reader. Google seemed to like it and they would rank us high.

We’d run after strategies that would “outsmart” google’s search algorithm. It worked for a while but not for long. Google started penalizing websites that tried to game the search algorithm and the rankings went down. Some folks started realizing that they’re better off creating high quality content while many other started searching for a new magic strategy. Some people are still in the search for that unicorn.

Artificial Intelligence has slowly became a big part of search engines. I often notice my content rank for keywords that I would have never thought of. This happens because Google now understand what my content is about without paying attention to targeted keywords.

I still do keyword research but not for the purpose of targeting these keyword phrases. I pay attention to keywords because it gives me an idea for subjects to cover on my blogs (and other content platforms). You can run after the latest strategy which may or may not work temporarily but in the end it’s all about the quality and relevancy of your content.

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