EPP 172: From A Website To 7-Figure Agency With Phil Singleton

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by an author, digital marketing expert and founder of Kansas City Website Design – Phil Singleton.

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Phil Singleton Podcast

Phil Singleton own Kansas City Web Design and SEO. It’s a digital marketing agency and contrary to its name it doesn’t ONLY deal with Kansas City clients although this is where it all begun for Phil.

When Phil was in his twenties he realized that a cubicle life wasn’t really for him. He packed up and moved to Taiwan where he eventually met his wife. Also while in Taiwan, a consumer software company fell into his lap. He spent 10 years building that company until it was finally sold.

While working with this software company Phil was fascinated by the amount of $50,000+ cheques they were writing for their affiliate marketers. This is when he started paying attention to SEO, content creation and internet marketing in general.

With the company sold Phil moved back to USA in 2005. He knew that although he had a decent amount from selling that company the money wouldn’t last forever. He was looking for a new project and just like in his earlier years he was not going to “work for the man”.

It all started with a barter deal. Phil promised to build a website for a local auto detailer. He wasn’t sure hot to do it properly and how to market that website but he knew that if those affiliate marketers did it he could probably do it as well. Long story short, his first client called him after a few months with tears of joy. The website brought a serious amount of new clients. This is when Phil realized that it was his calling. Helping local businesses get new leads by using the power of internet and Google.

Phil’s main marketing strategy was working really hard and make sure that his clients get amazing results from their websites. This resulted in loads of happy clients, referrals and glowing reviews/testimonials. Today Phil also appears as a guest on podcasts such as this one which also brings him new clients.

In this episode Phil shares his story, his experiences and of course some awesome strategies. His website has been consistently ranking on the very top of Google results and very recently his whole website was fully redesigned following Google’s strict guidelines. Want to know more about that? Scroll up and listen to the full episode.

Resources from today’s episode:

SEO for Growth – Phil’s bestselling book

Kansas City SEO

WP SEO Structured Data Schema – free WordPress plugin

20% OFF WP SEO Structured Data Schema Premium

Podcast Bookers – get booked as a guest on podcasts

How to start a podcast – free guide.

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