Steps to Success #3 [New Youtube Revealed]

This post has been inspired by Youtube… the NEW Youtube.

For starters, let me explain a few things about “Staying Updated”.

We live in a constantly changing world and it’s important for us to adapt fast, especially in the field of Internet Marketing. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to run and buy every new shiny eBook that comes out on the market, but trying to keep up with the news is important.

Internet Marketing forums (Wealthy Affiliate, WarriorForum) are great place to stay updated and learn new strategies however, I would suggest following Google as close as possible. Google is still the king and we need to know what’s going on.

This brings be to my point: Youtube, which as we all know is owned by Google.

So as I was browsing Youtube with a purpose of (insert a good excuse here) and not simply wasting time, I realized I couldn’t LIKE a comment. The “thumbs up” icon has disappeared.  However, I also noticed a few other things:


First of all, the share buttons. This is not new but this is very important. Google (Youtube) did not simply use some random social media networks to put in their SHARE bar; they chose the ones that matter.  So who made the top list?

  • Facebook – of course.
  • Twitter – not a surprise.
  • Google+  – no comment
  • Blogger – also owned by Google
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • VK (vKontakte) – this Russian social networking site is the 2nd biggest in Europe. They do have an English version so anyone can sign up. It is very similar to Facebook.
  • Odnoklassniki (Classmates) – Another Russian social network.
  • Skyrock – formerly SkyBlog and now world’s 7th largest networking site, mostly popular in France.

Now, these 10 sites are a must. If Google sees them as important, I can assure you that your presence on these sites and backlinks from them are VERY important and will help you rank higher. Just remember, don’t spam.

These aren’t the only ones; WordPress, Gravatar, Opera and a few others are very helpful as well but I would concentrate on Google’s favorite 10.

Here is the second thought:

As I was going to leave a comment on a video I noticed YT added a new checkmark “Also Share on Google+”. This is good and bad at the same times.

As they automatically share it for you on Google+, your account gets more activity and web presence, which is great, however if you are the kind to post comments that could bite you back – be careful. Think twice before posting.

Third: I finally saw the “thumbs up” and “reply” buttons – but they do not come from Youtube, they come from Google+. You see the 3 likes there? Those 3 likes were made on Google+ and not on YT. The same goes to the “reply”. If you decide to reply, it will be done on the Google+ account.

In general, I think this is great news. As people comment on your videos – their comments and your videos will be posted on their G+ accounts – which means more exposure to you without effort.

At this point you’ve got 3 things to do:

  1. Make accounts on 10 websites listed above.
  2. Make a good video, post it on Youtube and see people posting it on their G+.
  3. Stay alert, stay updated.


– Alex

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