2010 Private WA Super Affiliate Conference in Vegas

Well, I made it. This year I attended the Wealthy Affiliate Private Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas. I was going to write this post earlier but I was so overwhelmed, I wasn’t sure what to write.

I already published a post about this Vegas Conference back in 2008 but  this year I didn’t only get to write about it, I was one of the few selected people who got a chance to attend this conference… and calling it a conference is a big understatement because it is so much more!

Wealthy Affiliates

(photo at Skylofts MGM Grand; Carson, me, Kyle)

So what is this “conference” all about? Well, I’ll have to stop calling it a conference. Usually at a conference there are hundreds of people who sit and listen to a “guru” on the stage which is great but in the end it’s all it is – a conference. The WA Super Affiliate conference is more of a long (2 days long) conversation between some of the world’s best affiliate marketers who share their ideas and experiences. Everyone gets a chance to talk, everyone gets a chance to come up with some ideas to help others. This amazing event made me realize, once again, that the sure way to achieve success is by helping people!

It was an amazing experience meeting Kyle and Carson, Travis Sago the creator of BumMarketing, Jennifer aka PotPieGirl and the few others who made it to Vegas with us!

Now, it’s not all about business. Sure, we all appreciated that Kyle and Carson paid for our airfare and awesome suites at MGM Grand but I shouldn’t forget that it was a vacation as well! The owners of Wealthy Affiliate took us to new Cirque du Soleil show and of course we went there in a limo. We had an awesome party at the luxurious two story loft (where our conferences took place), we went clubbing and some of us only came back to the room at 6 in the morning… The WA Vegas conference is all about having an amazing time!

The awesome thing is that anyone could make it to the WA Super Affiliate conference, I did so can you! If you are already a member of WA – make sure to check out the Super Affiliate sections to help you out, If you aren’t a member of Wealthy Affiliate University – It’s not too late to sign up 😉

Hoping to see more new faces at the 2011 WA Super Affiliate Conference!

Success and Happiness,


4 thoughts on “2010 Private WA Super Affiliate Conference in Vegas”

  1. Hello Alex,

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge about online marketing. I’m trying to promote my website in google. I was following the instructions from the video you posted on youtube. For a while it was 6th in the first page of my most important keywords search. Couple weeks ago I created 3 blogs, also made a weebly website, squidoo lens, etc. I followed everything like in the video on youtube.
    Today, my website is gone from google. I only wanted to improve my 6th position and now its completely gone! I didnt do anything else, didnt hire any companies to do marketing for me, I just followed the video. How come this happened?
    I would appreciate a response (to my email) or a short comment… I really need your help!

    Thank you. Sunny

  2. Hello! I tried to go onto your free extra-paycheck.com class but this is the error message i received:
    Sorry, the account “wareviewinfo” exists in our records but is currently not active. Please push the “back” button on your web browser and notify the website owner of this message.

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