What Chance The Rapper Can Teach Us About Success And Marketing

In 2013 Chance released his second mixtape, Acid Rap which he also released as a free download. It was very well received and got 1,500,000 downloads on DatPiff website. You can also find it on Youtube (11 Million views at the moment) and many other platforms. No CDs, no vinyl records, no cassette tapes (although he calls it a mixtape), only FREE online distribution. Acid Rap was a true breakthrough for Chance and helped him win millions of new fans as well as great connections in the industry.

The Laptop Lifestyle Myth Debunked

Have you been promised a magic 3-step system that will make you rich and allow you to spend the rest of your life relaxing on an exotic beach? I know it sounds awesome but does that laptop lifestyle really exist? This post will answer your questions.

Top 32 Business Tools For Online Entrepreneurs

When I started my online business adventure I did not use any tools. However as the business grew I found myself in the constant search of new tools and resources. This is the list of top 32 marketing tools that I am using at the moment. These resources help me work more efficiently hence decreasing my time and increasing my income.

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