Welcome to the very episode of Extra Paycheck Podcast.

After a year of thinking about it and almost 4 months of actual planning and learning the Extra Paycheck Podcast is finally live!

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The show is about building and growing your own successful online business. If you already started your business venture then this show will help you learn how to use the Internet as a tool to grow your business. If you are just thinking about starting then this podcast will help you learn how to a build a business from scratch. In most episodes I will interview successful entrepreneurs who spill the beans about their success and who share amazing tips and tricks that will help you move forward. Now go ahead and listen to the very first episode which is an introduction to the show. The first episode will also explain the reason why I started the Extra Paycheck Podcast and what you can expect from upcoming episodes.


Welcome to First Episode of Extra Paycheck Podcast

For easier access to the show you can click the “Podcast” button on the site’s top menu or simply go to ExtraPodcast.com


Comments? Question? Maybe you want to share your story on my podcast? Use the comment form below or get in touch with me at alex@extra-paycheck.com.




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Start Your Own Business in 5 Days Flat! No Money Required!

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