EPP 005: How To Build A Profitable Business By Writing Thank You Cards With Nick Berry

In Episode #5 of Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by Nick Berry, the founder and owner of a really interesting new business called Thankably.

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Nick launched Thankably.com on January 28th of 2015 and orders have been coming in since. Nick offers handwritten “Thank You” cards as a services to businesses. Sales professionals would benefit greatly from such services and this is why Thankably’s success doesn’t come as a surprise. Many claimed this idea was crazy (and it kind of is) and that craziness is helping Nick Berry build a successful company. Listen to this episode as Nick reveals his ideas, experiences, selling/marketing techniques and plans for the future.


In this episode you will learn:

  • How to start a business for under $100
  • How to grow a business while maintaining your full-time job
  • Why being organized is so important to your business
  • Why you MUST be using email marketing, regardless of your niche
  • How to get 50% conversion rate from your leads
  • How to become a top sales rep
  • … and a LOT more!


You can check out Thankably here:

Thankably Website

Thankably on Facebook

Thankably on Twitter

Thankably on Instagram


Nick also offered an awesome 15% discount on all orders placed by the listeners of the Extra Paycheck Podcast. Simply go to Thankably.com and place your order using the code PAYCHECK! Thanks, Nick 😉 Edit: Nick just told me that he has changed his system and instead of 15% discount you’ll be getting 5 free credits. Each credit can be exchanged for 1 card. Use the code PAYCHECK at checkout and get 5 free handwritten cards.

If you have any questions or comments – feel free to use the comment form below!


– Alex

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