EPP 008: Building a $2 Million Housekeeping Business With Rohan Gilkes

Rohan Gilkes on Extra Paycheck Podcast

In episode #8 of Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by Rohan Gilkes, the owner of Maids In Black.

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Rohan Gilkes on Extra Paycheck

Rohan Gilkes runs many businesses but today we’ll be concentrating on his (probably) most lucrative business yet: the Maids in Black.

Rohan launched Maids in Black just a little over 3 years ago and in 2014 alone his new ventured has earned over $2,000,000. Yep, you read it correctly: $2 Millions dollars. Year 2015 is looking even more promising for this young and successful company. I know that “housekeeping” doesn’t sound like a very fun business but it’s obviously a very profitable one! In today’s episode of Extra Paycheck Podcast I got the chance to interview the owner and founder of this company. Rohan didn’t only reveal the fact that he doesn’t actually do any cleaning himself but he also explained every single detail of how YOU can start a very similar business today! Nothing is held back, nothing’s left unclear – just pure value information.


In today’s episode you will learn:

  • How to discover which local industries can be profitable
  • How to start an online cleaning (or any other) service for local clients
  • How to find and hire your work force
  • How to market locally and find your first clients
  • How to deal with unpredictable issues
  • How to scale your small business nationally
  • … and a lot more!


You can find Maids in Black here:

Maids in Black Website

Maids in Black on Facebook

Maids in Black on Instagram


Rohan also mentioned several other resources:

Launch 27 – #1 Rated Booking plugin for your local service business

Groove Learning – private Facebook group where you can learn how to start your own profitable company as fast as possible

Thumbtack – where you can find amazing employees for your business

Indeed.c0m – Find professionals to hire

I also mentioned episode #4 of Extra Paycheck Podcast where I interview Kevin, Rohan’s partner from WetShaveClub.com.



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– Alex

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