EPP 121: How To Become An Expert And Authority In Your Niche

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast we’re talking about becoming a niche expert.

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Become a niche authority

Whenever you’re looking for information online you always try to make sure you’re getting the advice from a reliable and trustworthy source. In other words, you want the information from an expert.

This is why when you start your own online business you need to become an expert. I’ve had loads of people telling me that they can’t start a blog or an affiliate website because they don’t feel like they’re experts in their niche. I get it but we aren’t born experts, we become experts.

In fact, an expert is someone who has more knowledge on a topic than most people. An expert doesn’t know everything and never will, a great expert never stops learning.

In this week’s episode I am sharing advice on how to become a niche expert and an authority in your industry.

Do Your Research

Pick any subject and do a few hours of intensive research on it. At this point you know more on that subject than anyone around you, you are now an expert. The more research you do the more of an expert you become. Find authority blogs in your industry and go through their content. Find known experts in your industry and follow them on social media, sign up to their e-mailing list. The information is already out there but you need to spend the time finding it and consuming it.

This is one of the reason I always say that you need to be passionate about your niche or at least have an interest in it. If you really don’t care about a subject you’ll find it very hard to keep reading about it and trying to learn something new. Most people will simply give up within hours and they would abandon the whole idea of starting a business. Sure, there are exceptions but personally I prefer working with niches I enjoy.


Get The Experience

Having the knowledge from books and blogs is awesome but nothing beats the real-life experience. I believe that you need to practice what you preach in order to become an authority or a niche expert. If you are trying to become an expert in dog training – you must try training a dog. If you want to become a master chef you will have to start cooking at some point, a cook-book only goes that far.

When I started the Extra Paycheck Blog I already had a few successful niche websites on my track record. Would you trust a “make-money-online-expert” if that person never actually made any money online? I wouldn’t either. Let’s say you want to start a website and you want to promote/review high-end watches. I understand that you might not have the funds to purchase every single watch and that’s fine. But you can find around you who either own such products or have access to them. Ask them to borrow the object and work from there. Be creative and get the real experience, this will help.


Connect With Other Experts

Find established experts in your industry and befriend them (online or offline). Hanging out with these folks will teach you a few things, it’ll help you understand the industry better and it will give you access to all the answers you’ll ever need.

Influencers in your industry aren’t necessarily your competitors. They could be your mentors, partners and friends. You could even try to figure out what kind of issues these experts are having in their line of work and try to come up with a solution. This is exactly how many popular pieces of software were created – by helping the experts solve their pain.

After all it’s always a great idea to hang out with these folks so you can stay updated with all the news in your industry and your niche. Attend local events, sign up to MeetUp.com and join relevant Facebook groups.


Many other ideas and strategies are explained in this week’s show but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Scroll up and press the play button to listen to the full episode.

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– Alex


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