EPP 041: Creating A Popular And Successful Blog With Ricky Shetty

In this episode of Extra Paycheck podcast I am joined by Ricky Shetty, a father, a blogger, a traveler and an inspiring entrepreneur.


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Ricky Shetty Interview


When Ricky became a father he started looking for resources for new fathers. Although there were lots of “mommy blogs” Ricky couldn’t find one written from a father’s perspective. This is where it hit him and this is when DaddyBlogger.com was born. In just 3 years the blog became a popular authority resource where Ricky shares his experiences of being a father of 2 children (with 3rd one on the way).

In 2016, after Ricky’s third child is born, the whole family is taking a year-long vacation in South America. Ricky will keep on running Daddy Blogger and other online businesses he has built up so far but he has also recently launched a brand new travel website targeted to families who want to make travel possible. I am not going to spoil all the details in this paragraph so scroll up and press the PLAY button. Don’t forget to share this episode with all those who’re interested 😉


In today’s episode you will learn:

  • What you MUST do before starting your blog (or online business)
  • Great ways to market your website
  • How to manage a business while traveling
  • Why you need to figure which social media platform suits your business most
  • Why Facebook Groups are killing Facebook fan pages
  • Why entrepreneurship isn’t always as pretty as it sounds
  • How to find your “WHY” and what to do with it
  • … and a lot more!


You can learn more about Ricky here:

DaddyBlogger.com – Ricky’s main blog

FamilyTravelBloggers – Ricky’s newest venture

Ricky’s Facebook

Ricky’s Twitter



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– Alex

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