EPP 042: How to Start 14 Successful Companies With Andrea Lake

Andrea Lake Podcast

In this episode of Extra Paycheck podcast I am joined by Andrea Lake, a total business rock star, an inspiring serial entrepreneur with an incredible story to tell.


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Andrea Lake Interview

Andrea Lake totally bootstrapped her very first business. In fact, she didn’t even consider herself as a “business person” when she started selling her very first product. With time Andrea decided to not go to college but keep growing businesses. By now she’s started fourteen (14!!) businesses in her career and I am sure this isn’t her limit.

At some point Andrea’s career took a hit and got her into a $1.2 Million debt. Although Andrea was offered a $400,000/year salary she refused to take a job and decided to keep working on her own projects, eventually paying off the debt without going bankrupt. How is this for a motivational story?

You might have seen Andrea on the Apprentice. You might have heard of Andrea being featured on Oprah. You might know Andrea because she owned exclusive sales right to merchandise by Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Walking Dead, Call of Duty and a lot more (are you paying attention yet?). You might have ordered stickers from Andrea’s store – one of the biggest and world’s most popular sticker websites; StickerJunkie.com (over 20 Million sales per year). You might have heard of Andrea’s Lessons.biz which she launched with Dan, the co-founder of TapouT clothing. When I said Andrea is a rockstar entrepreneur I really meant it.

Enough spoilers. Scroll up and press that PLAY button 😉

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • Why starting a company is not rocket science
  • Why starting a t-shirt business in 2016 is a lot easier and cheaper than ever before
  • Why paying for information will save you lots of time (and money)
  • Why you shouldn’t limit yourself to online retail
  • Why you need to build a brand and not just a product
  • … and a lot more!


You can learn more about Andrea here:

AndreaLake.com – Andrea’s official website

StickerJunkie.com – Use coupon code STICKERLOVE for $10 discount

YogaJunkie – Yoga apparel

MentorMojo – lessons and advice from the world’s Top entrepreneurs

Lessons.biz – start your own t-shirt company



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