How to Earn Bigger Affiliate Commissions

Did you know that you could make more money per sale for some of your affiliate promotions?

I have been using and promoting Hostgator hosting on and off and I have noticed that I’ve been making $50 per sale in 2013. This amount surprised me because I remember making $100 per sale back in 2009. I started digging around and I realized what went wrong and why the commission was cut in half.

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Hostgator runs two (2) affiliate programs that I know of. One is their own, in-house affiliate program and the other is managed by Commission Junction (CJ). The in-house affiliate program is based on performance and pays you a higher commission when you make more sales. The CJ affiliate program is fixed at $100 per sale.

When I started promoting HG I did it through Commission Junction so I earned one hundred dollars per sale. However, when I took a break from internet marketing in 2010, my CJ account was deactivated because it became “dormant” or simply inactive. When I tried to login into CJ in 2011 or 2012 I got a message that the account is deactivated. I didn’t care enough to contact Commission Junction so I went to Hostgator and signed up to their affiliate program directly on their website – this is how I managed to miss out on some cash.

Hostgator in-house affiliate program is performance based. If you make 1-5 sales per month, you earn 50$ per sale. $75 for 6-10 monthly sales, $100 per sale is you make 11-20 monthly sales and $125 per sale is you make more than 21 sales in a given month.

Hostgator CJ affiliate program offers a fixed $100 commission per sale. Either you make 1 sale per year or 1,000 sales per day – you will be paid $100 per sale. This is a better option for me at the moment.

  • If you are making over 20 sales per month – you should go with HG in-house program.
  • If you are making fewer than 10 sales per month – you should do it with Commission Junction.
  • If you are making 11-20 sales per month – you can go with either or, the commission is the same.

Hostgator Affiliate Payout


Always Look For a Higher Commission.

  1. Many companies run affiliate promotions on different networks and you should always verify which networks pays out the highest commission and apply with them.
  2. If you are making a lot of sales for a publisher, you should contact them directly and negotiate a higher commission, this works very well on CPA networks.
  3. Many networks offer performance based commissions. For example Amazon offers you 4% per sale when you just start but this quickly goes up to 6%-8% if you are bringing in a lot of sales – so sell more.
  4. Some programs offer recurring commission and I simply love such programs. Recurring means that you are always paid a commission as long as the person you referred remains a paying customer. Wealthy Affiliate Business Training offers recurring commissions, many list building services pay you monthly as well and you should consider becoming an affiliate for such programs. A simple one time $50 sale can turn into thousands of dollars over the years.

Do you have any tricks on getting a higher commission per sale? Comment below!


– Alex

1 thought on “How to Earn Bigger Affiliate Commissions”

  1. You can reactivate your CJ account without contacting them. Mines got deactivated last year for non-activity but I can’t remember what I did to get it reactivated but it didn’t involve contacting them. The instructions I think are right on the screen.

    Just note that you can’t be an affiliate of both the CJ program and the in-house program. There’s something in their terms about termination if they catch you using both (which to me doesn’t make sense). I chose to go with the in-house program because then you can create your own coupons and stuff.

    Two tier affiliate programs are great too. There are some good ones on Shareasale including one that pays $50 on every sale made by someone you referred to their affiliate program. So all you really got to do is promote the affiliate marketing program instead of the product but I find that a lot of people won’t get active with promoting. If you do refer a super affiliate though, then you’re earning $50 bonuses without much effort.

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