EPP 157: Growing A Business Through Personalization Marketing With Hugo Hamel

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by Hugo Hamel, the CEO of Enrich3.

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Hugo Hamel Interview

Personalization Marketing has been around for a very long time yet many online entrepreneurs seem to not know much about it.

Hugo Hamel is passionate about growth marketing and conversion optimization – this is why he launched his agency. Enrich3 helps 6-figure companies achieve their objective by increasing conversions through personalization.

On average an online business sees a 34% increase in revenue after applying personalization marketing strategies. However this number can be increases further with better understanding of your clients behavior and Hugo can help you with that.

In this episode Hugo also gives great examples of how personalization strategies work in email marketing and on your website. He even gives out several tips on how you can implement such strategies to your own online business. We’re touching on many other subjects and details in this show and you can hear all of that by listening to the full episode.

Resources mentioned in today’s episode:

Right Message – Tool recommended by Hugo

EPP 106: Entrepreneurship And Customer Personalization With Charles Brun

Enrich3 – official website

You can reach Hugo by email at Hugo[AT]Enrich3.com

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