Sheep, Jack Daniel’s and Outsourcing

Last night I was talking to a buddy of mine about different subjects. At some point he told me that he really enjoyed reading my blog – although he doesn’t care for Internet marketing or any aspect of it.

Since he previously had quite a few refills of Jack Daniel’s, he kept on going deeper and deeper on the subjects of money making. As he was sipping on another glass of Tennessee Whiskey he told me that my articles were written for sheep…

Apparently he meant that my blog posts are written in such way that almost anyone should be able to understand the content and if that someone isn’t a sheep – he or she will take some kind of action. I still wasn’t completely sure what he meant, so he went on. The sheep are the people who hate their 9-5 but keep doing it because they need money to survive instead of trying something else.

My buddy works for a local insurance company and as he found out, that insurance company based in Canada outsourced some tasks to a Europe based company who in their turn outsourced the work to India. This is how the European company made money out of thin air while making the Canadian company happy by providing such low prices and by making the Indian employees happy by providing a reasonable salary. Win-win-win.



Another example; a friend of his made a fortune by selling characters to the players of certain online video games. Now, he didn’t spend time earning high rankings for these characters, he outsourced that boring task to Asia. The freelancers in Asia kept playing the video games, earning rankings, powers, armour and everything else. Other players of the game were ready to pay the top dollars in order to have these characters in their games. It’s incredible how simple this strategy is and how profitable it can be.

I have done a fair share of outsourcing and I still outsource some of my tasks overseas – but I have never thought of selling video game characters online, I have never considered offering outsourcing services to local company but it is a great idea. There are thousands of people in many different countries who would be more than happy to help you out while charging very reasonable amounts; content production, tech support, web design, Search Engine Optimization, video creation – you name it, they will do it.

I wrote all of this with a single goal in mind: to help you get creative and make money, maybe even start a long- term business. If you hate what you are doing now to make a living, there are other options. Don’t be a sheep, open up your mind and start doing what you love!

Here is the list of my most used and preferred places for outsourcing:

  1. oDesk– my all time favorite outsourcing resource
  2. Elance – only positive feedback so far
  3. WealthyAffiliate – not an outsourcing site, however they have a “Jobs” section within the site and I often find people who will do the required tasks.
  4. Fiverr – lots of people willing to do lots of things for a flat fee of 5$!
  5. Guru – I only used them a few times but always had a positive experience.

Have you ever outsourced anything? Planning to? What do you think of outsourcing in general? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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