Steal My System Review – Is It A Scam Or A Money Maker?

If you came across the Steal My System sales page you definitely wondered if it was an incredible opportunity or just another scam. In this post I will do a full Steal My System review so you don’t get scammed.

steal my system review

Steal My System Review

When I got the email promoting Steal My System I knew I would have to warn others about it. If you look through this very blog you’ll understand that my oldest posts date to early 2008. I have been making money online for the past (almost) 10 years. Unfortunately I have been scammed more than once when I was just starting. However I look at this as a learning experience. Now I can spot an online scam within seconds and Steal My System has all the red flags. Let’s look closer.

steal my system scam

I actually watched the full sales video which is about 25 minutes long. I laughed a lot. I also told myself: “there is no way someone will fall for this, right?”. But then I remembered how 10 years ago I would have been a perfect victim for such scam.

It all begins with outrageous promises of easy riches. A guy who calls himself Steven or Millionaire Steve says that his system will make you over $3,000 per day. In fact, he claims that you will learn the secret to such riches before the video ends. Spoiler alert, you won’t. Throughout the whole video “Steve” simply hyped up his scam with a fake story that you’re suppose to relate to. Let me start with this, there is no such thing as magic system to making money. Whenever you hear of a “system” or “magic secret” or “shortcut to riches” – you’re dealing with a scam.

Steal My System Fake Testimonials

Within the video you probably saw a few satisfied customers who claim they made loads of money with the Steal My System magic system. I will not analyze them all but let’s look into Chris:

StealMySystem testimonial

The dude seems honest and authentic, right?

There is a website called Fiverr. This website functions as a marketplace where you can hire people for $5 to do certain “jobs” for you. You can hire someone to edit an image for you, create a logo, proof-read a text, and so on. I used Fiverr to create a professional audio introduction for my podcast. You can also hire people like “Chris” who will make a fake video testimonial for you. A quick look and I was able to find Chris there although he claims to be “Jonathan”:

Steal My System Scam


I decided to take it even further and hire people off of Fiverr to make an “authentic” testimonial for me. Check it out:

See how easy it is? Rest assured that other “customers” you see in the video are also paid actors hired through Fiverr.


Steal My System Fake Story

Millionaire Steve wants you to trust him so he creates a fake story explaining where he got the system from. You see, his father was making money through online marketing. Now follow this timeline, it’s important. Steve says that since he was a little kid his dad made money online. Let’s assume Steve is only 25 years old (since he mentions he now has 3 kids). This means that his father was doing online marketing in the early 1990’s. Unless his father is the founder of Amazon then this story already isn’t holding up.

Steve goes on to tell you how his father was an online scammer. And when on his deathbed he decided to explain that he sold “fake make money online system” to unsuspecting victims while he kept the real system secret. Just remember this, we’ll get back to it later.

The guy also explains how he shared this system with his friend who simply posted a link on Facebook and earned over $1,100 in affiliate commissions in 18 hours. To top it off, Steve says that his friend is blind. How is that relevant? And can his claims get any more ridiculous? Affiliate marketing is my main source of income and I can tell you it doesn’t work like that.


I Steal My System Legit?

Later on Steve claims that these results are not typical but guaranteed!

This claims is actually illegal. FTC is very clear on that. You simply are not legally allowed to make income claims when it comes to income opportunities. So if this is illegal, how does Steal My System website still exist?

The truth is that FTC and other government agencies are flooded with scam complaints. It normally takes them at least a few years to properly investigate a scam and shut it down. Yes, the system is inefficient. Thousands of people will get scammed until a scam is shut down. However, smaller scams such as Steal My System usually fly under the radar because they shut themselves down after a few months, sometimes a few years. Even if FTC ever gets to them, the site will be long gone. I see this happen every single week – and that’s not an exaggeration.

steal my system illegal

When I saw this claim in the sales video I started laughing. No, this is NOT approved by any government agency. In fact if they had more resources they would shut this scam down in a heartbeat.


Steal My System Scam

Remember how I asked you to remember Steve’s explanation of how Steve’s dad was scamming people by selling fake make-money systems? Well, this is because Steve is doing exactly that. He claims to have some magic money making system when in reality this system doesn’t exist.

Steve claims that he is giving this system away to make you rich. First of all, let’s remember that he is not giving it away but selling it for $49. He says that he is sharing it with you because he already made his money and now it’s your turn. This claim doesn’t make any sense. If such a system really existed he would NEVER share it with anyone. If such system existed and he wanted to share it with the world, he’d give it out for free instead of selling it.

Anyway, there was one line in Steal My System video that made everything clear:

steal my system scam

This is the essence of it all. The creators of this scam know that experienced marketers or entrepreneurs would never for for this scam. So they are targeting “completely clueless” people who haven’t been scammed yet. It’s sad and very unfortunate but beginners tend to trust these outrageous claims simply because they don’t know any better.


What Is Steal My System

If you watched the whole video you probably realized that the actual system is never explained. What is it? What does it do? That’s another red flag that applies to every single scam. They never tell you what it is and how it works.

I ended up clicking on the BUY button just to see what it was and I saw this checkout page:

steal my system scam


There we have it. Steal My System simply does not exist. When you click on the “BUY” button you are directed to a checkout page for something called Automated Daily Income. No mentions of Steal My System. Surprised?

I did previously write about Automated Daily Income (ADI). It is another scam. But it gets worse. Automated Daily Income also doesn’t really exist. It’s just a gateway into MOBE system. What makes me laugh once again is that the very top of the StealMySystem website claims it has nothing to do with MOBE.

If you want to learn more about it then simply follow the link to ADI.

Here is the very short summary of it all. Steal My System is a fake product that actually takes you to ADI. ADI is also fake and takes you to MOBE. How creative…


Making Money Online

Yes you can make money online. I’ve been doing it since late 2007 and I have personally met hundreds of people who are doing it as well. There is affiliate marketing, online training, website and design business, content creation business, Amazon FBA and so many other businesses that you can go into. Heck, I even created a physical product, sold it through Etsy and then it got picked up by Urban Outfitters.

My main income has been through affiliate marketing. I was lucky enough to join this platform in late 2007 and I’m still a member there. Although back in the day I had to pay the full price to join they have now opened FREE starter accounts. Yes, you can join in without spending a single penny or even typing in your payment information. Just fill in your email and password and you are in, so put your credit card back in your wallet, you won’t need it.

Before you join ANY programs or pay for any courses you must understand one simple truth. There is no magic system. There is no overnight riches. If you are willing to learn and take action – you can certainly make a lot of money. However you’ll need to put in the work, there is no shortcut to riches.

Create Your Own $0 Starter Account Here


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5 thoughts on “Steal My System Review – Is It A Scam Or A Money Maker?”

  1. It’s funny how all these money making scams all promise mega riches in quick time and for very little effort. It’s almost the exact same sales pitch and emotional triggers with all these scams. Steal My System sounds no different. Even the sales videos are similar, drag on and on and never really tell you anything about the program itself.

    Thanks for pointing out yet another online scam.

  2. I immediately calculated ten thousand dollars a week and that comes to four hundred and eight thousand dollars for 48 weeks how am I a millionaire in a year

  3. Thanks for the informative review. You definitely did you homework on this one. Fake testimonials, fake product, fake promises. I guess that all adds up to fake marketer.
    It really is sad that some people try to exploit the trusting nature of people with high in the sky promises that have no real chance to fullfull any of their promises.

  4. Thank you for this review, Alex.

    I’d heard about Steal My System but never paid close attention to it given the great number of “make money online” products that are created every day. And talking about fake testimonials…I’ve always known people could buy them but not for a measly fee on Fiverr!!! Thanks to websites like yours, we get to discover scams that we would have otherwise thought were legit businesses. If there’s anything that I always tell my friends and relatives, it is to steer clear of “get rich quick” schemes and those that promise guaranteed results.

    1. Princila you’re spot on on this one. “Get rich quick” is not a thing and people should steer clear of such promises.

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