100 Bucks Daily Review – Scam Or Opportunity?

If you’ve stumbled upon the 100 bucks daily offer and are wondering if it’s a scam, I am here to help you. Let’s start off with the fact that 100 bucks daily is just another hyped up product with a bunch of upsells. While it is definitely possible making this kind of money on the internet (as I have been for almost 10 years now), 100 bucks daily is not the answer.

Read this blog post to find out if 100 bucks daily is a scam or a real opportunity.


100 Bucks Daily False Scarcity

100 Bucks Daily are trying to rush you into buying their product by saying the price will go up in 11 minutes. But here is the truth – nothing will change once the counter goes down to 0 – the price of the product is and has always been 5.99$. They simply claim it is worth 197$ to fool you into thinking you’re getting a good deal. Actually, if you simply refresh the page the counter will reset back to 11 minutes. Creating this false sense of urgency is a common way for scammers to trick people – they know everyone has a fear of missing out on the next big opportunity. But I can guarantee that 100 bucks daily is not the opportunity they claim to be. In fact if you try to leave the page they’ll offer it to you for $4.99.

100 bucks daily review

A great way to tell when a program is a scam, is when they don’t ever really tell you how you will make money. They simply talk about a “new system” a “secret formula”or a “simple method” to make money. They all say you don’t need any experience, it will take 5 minutes to set up, and the money will start flowing into your account effortlessly. That all sounds too good to be true, and that’s because it is. Making money online takes work, and there is no “secret” or “shortcut” – otherwise we would all be millionaires.


It does not end at 6$

How can it be a scam if it costs less than 6$? The initial offer is simply the start of their sales funnel. Once you pay 100BucksDaily that money – you are in the system and have proven you are willing to spend money to get access to a “secret money making formula”. That’s when the real selling starts. They will try to push more offers and products on you, promising that the next one is the one that will make you rich.

I have found the 100 bucks daily sales funnel that outlines everything they will try selling you once you have bought the program.

100 bucks daily scam review


First, you pay 17$ for some general website templates that will supposedly make you rich. The downsell from this is $12.

Then, another 27$ for an “advanced” training course. Wasn’t that first course supposed to teach you everything? Well, apparently not! If you reject this offer they’ll give you a $10 discount.

After that you pay 47$ for a special plugin for your site (that most probably is a simply an opt-in popup program, that can be found for free). If you reject you’ll be offered the same plugin for $37.

Finally, you can pay 97$ for 1h chat with some guy, that I bet will tell you the only way you can make money is by selling his 100 bucks daily program to others for a commission (see the commission numbers in the image?).

The full scam will set you back 264$, and what do you get in the end? Simply the “opportunity” to do the same thing as they do – scam other people into joining such a program. Chances are, you will not even be able to do that and will end up with a 264$ hole in your pocket. If you do succeed, all you did was rope another poor person into the same scam and you’re simply working to make the creators of this program rich. Is that really how you want to make a living?


What Is 100 Bucks Daily Program?

100 bucks daily scam

If you do end up purchasing the 100 bucks daily program you’ll realize it’s the same old rehashed information. I recently reviewed an incredibly similar program called 9-5 Escape Plan. 100 Bucks Daily will tell you to make some videos, post them on YouTube and promote scammy affiliate offers such as 700 Profit Club, Guaranteed Money System and others. If you are lucky enough you’ll make a few dollars by scamming people however you will not build a business or make a decent income by doing so.

100 Bucks Daily secret method? Using Google Adwrods to promote your Youtube video. This is actually a legit way to promote videos however this program doesn’t teach you how to do it properly. It’s incredibly easy to lose money with PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising unless you have a lot of experience and a great understanding about how paid advertising works. Besides, you can get better training completely free on Youtube.


Is 100 Bucks Daily A Scam?

I am not sure I would call it a scam since they are actually giving you some content in exchange of your money, however that content is mediocre at best. That content is rehashed and can be found all over the internet for free. Their fake promises and claims of riches are huge red flags. You should always stay away from products that promise to make you rich overnight. My suggestion would be staying away from 100 Bucks Daily and similar programs. Once you pay attention to the sales page on 100bucksdaily.com – you’ll notice all of the red flags and lies.

A real, honest way to make money

I will not deny there are many ways to make a living online. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to do it. No need to pay anything, check out this free video on YouTube to get a better understanding of what it is and how it works.

If you need proper guidance and step-by-step training, I recommend this platform. I’ve been a member since 2007 and I still recommend it. The cool thing is that you can put your credit card away and open a starter account completely free. You’ll get access to detailed training, amazing community of online entrepreneurs and you can even build 2 websites free of charge.

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Let me know if you have any questions!




5 thoughts on “100 Bucks Daily Review – Scam Or Opportunity?”

  1. Hey Alex, this was a good read. I’m glad I came across this article so that I didn’t waste $6, or even more with all their garbage upsells! It is true that there is no such thing as the “secret formula” or a quick hit money making system without good old fashioned hard work. Sometimes you look at these things and think maybe that would be easier…but in reality, they are a waste of time and money.

    1. So true Dan.

      After doing online marketing for almost 10 years now I can tell you that there is no secret, there is no shortcut, there is no magic formula.


  2. I have heard of this 100 Bucks but I have immediately deterred away because to me, too good to be true as I know that earning huge bucks in a short period of time is really hard to impossible.
    Anyways, I felt your review was well-thought and thanks for the review. All the best to you!

  3. Hey Alex, great review of 100 Bucks Daily. This article should detour people from falling for this. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, so I don’t even consider these gimmicky sites anymore, as I feel we belong to the best community we need to make money online. It is good to read intellegent reviews of products just to be informed and aware of whats out there. Thanks for the review, very informative!

    1. Thanks for reading Eric!
      These kind of scams are targeting people who are completely new to the world of online marketing. This is why people with experience like you will never fall for them. Stay safe out there 😉

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