Is Cash Finder System A Scam Or A Way To Find Cash?

You’ve stumbled upon the Cash Finder System and you’re probably wondering if it’s the real deal or just another scam. Their video asks if you would like to get $3,000, $5,000, and $10,000 checks in your mailbox every day using a simple system. Sure, we all want an extra paycheck but is it possible with the Cash Finder System?

The cash finder system


The Cash Finder System Review

You are very skeptical of the Cash Finder System and you have every right to be. The truth is, you should be skeptical of all websites that promise to make you rich with no effort from your part. Making $3k-$10k per day without really doping anything sounds too good to be true. That’s because it is.

Unlike most online scams the cash finder system actually explains what it really is. This “system” will basically tell you to find houses at a low price. Then you’ll need to find a buyer interested in that house. Of course you tell the buyer that the price is higher that you found. For example, you find a house selling for $300,000 then you find a buyer willing to pay $310,000. You keep that $10,000 difference as “finder’s fee”.

In short, you’ll be doing real estate. Making money in real estate is not a scam and it is a real possibility. However, it isn’t as easy as the cash finder system claims. I’ll get to the details of it all later.


Who Is Lee Gilmore?

In the 26 minute video presentation we are introduced to Lee Gilmore, the supposed founder of The Cash Finder System.

Lee Gilmore

I’ve spent quite some time looking for more information on this man. If he came up with such a revolutionary and easy system there must be more info about him, right? None. In fact the website was registered to a man called Michael Kimble. I find it very strange that we can’t find any information on Lee Gilmore but let’s move on.


What’s Inside The Cash Finder System

Lee claims that with a few taps on your smartphone you can receive 4-5 figure checks in your mailbox, called finder’s fee. He says that this simple system will show you how to find real estate property at very low prices and how to find buyers or investors who want to buy these properties.

What they aren’t telling you is that it’s not all that easy. If you ever looked into real estate you probably know that it is a cut-throat industry. The realtors are desperate and will do pretty much anything to make money. Most realtors work very hard for that finder’s fee, it is their job after-all.

Now imagine this. There are thousands of realtors all over the world. They have good training and knowledge. They have great connections and they are the first to know when a property is about to go on sale. These folks monitor all auctions, foreclosures and they talk between each other. Now all of the sudden you show up. Without any knowledge, experience or connections. Do you really think you could compete with these people? No, you can’t.

In fact, there are several places where you cannot legally earn that finder’s fee unless you’re a certified realtor. And that certification takes time and costs money. Once you are certified, you’ll need to work 50-60-80 hours per week in order to have a shot at making a decent income.

If it was that easy to make money in the real estate world we’d all be rich by now.


Is Cash Finder System A Scam?

I must admit that this system is not a scam. However their claims are heavily exaggerated and this is the reason you should really think hard before giving them your money.They make you believe that by purchasing the system you’ll get access to secret information that will allow you to make thousands of dollars every day in the real estate industry. Unfortunately this is not how it works. The competition is fierce and the amazing deals are very few. You cannot achieve success in real estate by only putting a few hours of work here and there. Or as Lee claims “a few taps on your smartphone”. These claims are simply false.

cash finder system legit

They slapped a random price tag on this system ($997), crossed it out and tried to make you believe that only today you’ll be getting it at $99. However if you try to leave the page they’ll give you another $20 discount bringing the price down to $79.They also claim that the $99 price tag is only available for the next few minutes and there are only a few spots available in your area. In reality you can refresh that page tomorrow or in a week or even a month and the time will restart. This is called false scarcity and this technique is considered unethical by real marketers and businesses.

My personal opinion? Keep the money in your pocket and go read some real estate forums to get a real feel of the industry.


Making Money From Home

There are many legit ways to earn an income from the comfort of your home. You can become an Amazon FBA seller. You can do affiliate marketing. Selling handmade crafts on Etsy can be very profitable. You can even make a living by creating YouTube videos. The truth is, there are many ways to earn a legitimate income from home however there isn’t a shortcut to riches. In order to succeed you’ll need to be patient, willing to learn and ready to take action.

I’ve been making a living online for the past 10 years and believe me I have tried many different methods. In late 2007 when I was just starting I joined this training platform out of desperation, after being scammed by many others. I made myself a promise that this was the last program I’ll ever pay money for. Almost 10 years later I am still an active member. The good news is that now you don’t need to pay to join anymore. You can create a free account and see if it’s something that interests you without risking your hard earn money. Put you credit card away, basic membership is completely free.

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4 thoughts on “Is Cash Finder System A Scam Or A Way To Find Cash?”

  1. NO ANSWERS or callbacks from corporate for three days. Starting to really believe it is a scam. Are there any coaches to help? NO

    1. Hi Sharon. Scam operations usually do not provide any assistance especially when it comes to solving issues or getting refunds.

      The best way to go about it is contacting your credit card company in order to get a refund.

  2. Hi, I’m a real estate wholesaler, and know about more investment properties than most agents, so your claim that you can’t compete with a realtor is false. These properties that investors are searching for are usefully vacant properties that you buy at a discount….. realtors don’t like to buy/ sell at discounts. If you have a car and have just a little knowledge, this system could work and make you a lot of money. I’m not so sure how this particular program is, and never heard of “Lee Gilmore” so i can’t say anything good about this program. I’m just letting you know, that before you tell others, who are depending on you for the truth, about certain things, you should really do a little research on that industry.

    1. Thank you for your comment Michael.
      As you can read in the post, I am not calling the “cash finder system” a scam and I do agree that some people in some circumstances can earn money by finding real estate that’s selling at a discounted price. However, the promises in this particular “system” are incredibly exaggerated and the promised results are pretty much impossible to achieve.

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