Earn 3k Today Review – Is Eark3kToday a Scam?

Earn 3k Today is another “money making system” that started appearing all over the internet a few weeks ago. In this review I’ll explain why you should be staying away from this so-called system.

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Earn3kToday Scam

Earn 3k Today Review

A few weeks ago I got an email with a link to the Earn3kToday website. So I clicked on it and the video started playing: “You are number 68 out of 70 who got private access to a system that generated over $10,000 per day.” That line alone made me very skeptical. Since I had other things to do, I closed the website and though I’d check it out later. Here we are a few weeks later, I open that site and the same video is telling me that I am STILL person number 68 out of 70. Gee, I guess their system isn’t very popular since no one else signed up.

But hey, I am promised $500 just for watching the video. That doesn’t sound sketchy at all, does it? Since I wanted my FREE $500 I decided to keep on watching the Earn 3k Today presentation.

In the next few seconds we hear a testimonial from a man who just made $10,323 in a single day.

Earn 3k today fake

But something is off, I have seen this man before. I am rather certain I have seen him endorsing another scam in the past although I don’t recall which scam. So I head over to Fiverr. Fiverr is a marketplace where you can get a lot of little things done. You can get someone to edit your photos, or create an awesome video animation. I even got my podcast introduction recorded by a professional broadcaster there. You can also hire paid actors that will say whatever you want on camera.

At the very top of Fiverr’s video section we see this very man offering his services for $10. Surprised? I am surprised that the owners of Earn 3k Today were so lazy they couldn’t hire an actor that’s buried on a last page of this site. They went for the very first actor. So there you have it: their testimonials from real people are completely fake.


Earn 3k Today Scam

Since 2007 I have been making a living online. I have tried many different strategies. I’ve done affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, SEO. I offered online services to local businesses. I’ve sold eBooks and even my own physical products. Affiliate marketing was and still is my main source of income. I also shared a very transparent case study of how I made $10,000 with a side project. Most importantly, when I was just started I fell for quite a few scams and lost money.

At this point I can spot a scam a mile away. This is why I can confidently claim that Earn 3k Today is not a money making system but just another scam. Their video claims that they created a never-seen before system called… My Online Business. How original.

The video presentation goes on promising that you will make $10,000 not in 10 hours of work, not in 5, not even in 1 hour. All you need to do is follow their 6 easy steps to success. They also keep showing fake video testimonials from paid actors who claim they made a load of money from thin air. Too good to be true you say? It’s because it is.

Look, you can make money online. You can make a very comfortable living from the comfort of your home. In fact I have personally met hundreds of people that are making a full-time income online. There is one thing they all have in common – hard work. Success does not happen overnight and every successful person will tell you that.

earn 3k today system scam

I grabbed this screenshot of their presentation video. Did you know that if you made $10,233 every day you’s be making 3.37 Million dollars per year? Oh yes I know, I have a calculator. Through the whole presentation they’re hyping up their scam system with promises but they never tell you what the program really is and what you’ll be doing.


Earn 3k Today System Revealed

Let me admit that I did watch the full video. Remember they promised me $500 for simply watching it? Well I did not get paid. At the end of the video I clicked on the big yellow button to Get Started Today and I was taken to a Clickbetter checkout page where I was asked to pay $47.

earn3k today scam

Remember that we still have no idea what this system is actually about?

As it turns out the Earn 3k Today buy link tells us to buy the Auto Home Profits system. Just a week ago I posted this Auto Home Profits review where I exposed yet another scam. In the end Earn 3K Today doesn’t even exist, it’s just another gateway for a autohomeprofits scam.


Earning Honest Income Online

As I mentioned previously you can legitimately earn money online. There is no shortcut and you won’t get rich overnight. But if you are willing to learn and put in some efforts, you certainly can succeed. After wasting lots of money on scams back in 2007 I finally stumbled upon a platform that gave me all the training and support I needed. I had to pay to get in but now you can do it completely free. No credit card required.

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5 thoughts on “Earn 3k Today Review – Is Eark3kToday a Scam?”

  1. The add said watch the video from start to finish to recieve $500.00 don’t watch the video you’ll just waste 30 minutes of life you will never get back

  2. Thanks for exposing yet another Get Rick Quick scam! It saddens me that there are so many people out there trying to make money off unsuspecting people. It really is difficult to tell which are real and which are fake. Unfortunately too many people find out too late.

    Well done for seeing through Earn3kToday and thanks for the heads up.

    1. Louise, unfortunately many people who have never been exposed to such scams are easily persuaded. All these promises sound amazing and we all want a quick easy buck. That’s why scams like this one still exist.

  3. Hi Alex

    Wow… I think that’s great you were able to find the actual actor from Fiverr that did the video testimonial for Earn 3k Today. More importantly, it’s even greater that you went through the process and were able to expose Auto Home Profits. Man!!! Some Marketers will go through extreme lengths to generate income online in an unethical way. I’m actually interested in reading your case study now.


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