What is Auto Home Profits System – a Scam or the Real Deal?

Is Auto Home Profits a scam or a real opportunity to make money from home? In this auto home profits review I’ll go in details and explain what this program is and how exactly it works. Spoiler alert: stay away from it.

AutoHomeProfits review
Full Auto Home Profits Review

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Auto Home Profits Review

AutoHomeProfits.com website was registered on November 22nd 2016. A lady by the name of Shelly Davis claims to be the owner of this program although it’s false. (I’ll explain that later).

Auto Home Profits is pretty much a copy/paste of several other online scams. There is home cash code, home job source, total income answer which I reviewed recently and many others. Most of the previous websites are now shot down for a reason. The Auto Home Profits System is just a new name for the same old scam. These folks launch a new website, make money off of unsuspecting customers, earn a very bad reputation online. At this point they simply “re-brand” the same scheme buy putting a new name to it. Let’s look at in more details.


Auto Home Profits Red Flags

auto home profits false scarcity

You have certainly noticed this warning that only 9 spots are left in your area. AutoHomeProfits.com launched 4 months ago and they had that warning since day 1. There is always only 9 spots left, this is the first lie. In online marketing it’s called the false scarcity technique and it’s very shady. The owners of this program are trying to play on your emotions. They don’t want you to think and rationalize, they want you to feel like you might miss out so you hurry and place an order with them. Refresh their page tomorrow or in a month, you’ll always see the same message of “only 9 positions left”.


Fabricated Credibility

autohomeprofits legit

Have you seen this urgent update? They claim that this (auto home profits system) work at home opportunity has received a lot of national media attention. This is nothing but a blatant lie. You can spend hours and even days trying to find a single official news source that endorses this program and you will not succeed. Sure, national media might talk about “working from home” as it is a real thing. However I can assure you they will never endorse a scam such as this one.

If you scroll up the page you’ll see the logos of Fox News, USA Today, CNN and others. These logos are supposed to make you believe that this “opportunity” is real. But you’re smarter than that. You understand that any scammer can simply slap some reputable logos on their website in order to create fake credibility.


Fake images, fake names.

Let’s start with the supposed creator of Auto Home Profits – Shelly Davis. One one page she claims to have a 6 year old daughter and we see this image:

Shelly Davis auto home profits

on another page of the same site we learn about Shelly Davis that has 2 daughters. The picture is completely different though:

auto home profits shelly davis

So which one is it? These guys are so bad that they can’t keep a consistent lie.

A quick google search reveals that this woman is not Shelly Davis at all. In fact the name is made up and the photo is taken from a “stock photo” library online:

Total Income Answer fake testimonails

By the way, this screenshot comes from my other review of “Total Income Answer“. It’s the same image although her name is Karen Evans instead of Shelly Davis.You can look up the images of their “satisfied customers” and you’ll realize that those are also stock photos and made up names. You can put your finger anywhere on that site and you’ll realize that everything about it is one big lie. These proofs alone should make you realize that the auto home profits is a scam and nothing else.

Auto Home Profits Scam

So what exactly is the auto home profits? On some pages they might ask you for $97. Other pages will tell you it’s $47. If you try to close that page they’ll offer you a $20 discount. They don’t care how much money they can get for you as long as they can get something.

Auto Home Profits systems claims to offer you a system that will earn you money by simply posting links. I dug deeper and realized their system will tell you to become an affiliate for different CPA networks. Affiliate marketing is a real thing and you should check out this free video on Youtube to learn more about how it works. In fact I have been earning a living with affiliate marketing for the past 10 years. However, there is no “easy automated system” that makes money. Posting your links all over the internet will not earn you a single penny. If anything, you will waste your time.

You’ll need to build a website, create content, get traffic and only then you’ll start making money. Becoming an affiliate marketer means building an online business. It isn’t as scary as it sounds. I have free training on all of that, so put your credit card away. Auto Home Profits plays on your emotions and they try to make money out of you by promising fast and easy results. Auto home profits report – it is a scam and you should stay away from it.


Making Money Online

As I previously mentioned you can make money from home. There are many different models such as affiliate marketing, drop-shipping, Amazon FBA and much more. Thousands if not millions are people are making a living online. However, you must know that you’ll need to invest your time and effort in order to see results. Success does not happen overnight.

When I first started I was a complete newbie to all of that. I did get scammed a few times but eventually came across a training platform where I learned how to start a real profitable online business. 9 years later I am still an active member of the community. Although when I first joined in 2007 I had to pay to join them, you can now do it completely free. No credit card required.

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14 thoughts on “What is Auto Home Profits System – a Scam or the Real Deal?”

  1. They almost got me but as a professional I definitely did my research as usual. As I sat in the phone I researched and shut down the deal immediately. When it sounds to good to be true 95% of time it is.

  2. Alex, thanks so much for posting your reviews of Auto Home Profits. I received phone call from someone saying I could make money online. Cost $97.00 with money back guarantee. I told them I needed to investigate.They sent me a link via email. I opened link and read it but link doesn’t really tell you anything. Went on web looking for reviews and found your reviews. After reading your reviews I made decision not to buy this scam. While looking at reviews I received 3 phone calls from person trying to sell me Auto Home Profits. I didn’t pick up call until I was through reading reviews. I told person that I was not interested and of course they just keep talking.I told them again I am not interested and there’s nothing to talk about and hung phone up. And just to let you know, I was told there were only a number of available spots remaining.

    1. Hey Kelly, I am happy to hear you decided to do some research before buying into that.
      Also, I am very surprised they are now calling people – this is new. I guess they figured that many bloggers uncovered their scam online so they are trying to reach potential victims by phone so these victims don’t get a chance to do their due diligence. This is the new low for them.

      Do you mind sharing their phone number so I could add it to the review?


      1. +1-855-422-4677 is the phone number they called me from. I signed up for information about a home based job about 5-6 years ago. They called me today.

  3. I got an email from a survey place called panda mail… said I could earn $25.00 lol.
    I checked it out and here came this long drawn out I mean waaaaaaay drawn out story on how the gal you mentioned above did all this amazing work and was asked to just open up a program since she had done so well herself and help others become millionaires too. Bahaha.
    I didn’t even read through it all it would have taken me over 40 minutes at least.
    Skipped down to the bottom. There was the name Auto Home Whatever and they say it’s worth over $2000. But they will let me in for just a 1 time fee of $97. 100% refundable within 60days if I didn’t earn my money back and wasn’t happy.

    None of which I trusted or bought into. Thus why I googled the name. To check and see what the good ole world wide web had to say about such a thing.

    Sad thing is that there is people who do fall into these traps, have not the slightest clue anything is off.

    Always check out the place or name of the place before handing out your info.
    Also prepaid credit cards are 1 way to keep them from getting to all your money. If you are unsure don’t do it.
    I don’t ever use my personal banking info for anything like that.

    1. Kim, unfortunately such programs exist because there are people who are desperate and who haven’t been scammed before. Back in 2007 or so I also fell for some scams that promised to make me rich, live and learn.

      Your advice on using a prepaid card is AWESOME and I’ll make sure to use it for future reviews!

  4. Thanks! The Auto Profit System sounded so convincing and seemed like the perfect way to make an HONEST living. It is so sad that there are so many vultures that prey on the emotions of struggling moms and dads that truly want to feed their families and provide the necessities of life. Scammers must continue to be exposed!!!

  5. I am genuinely appalled to see such fraudulent online money making websites despite many of us, including you, trying all our best to ceaselessly exposed them. But looking back to the time when I was a newbie, it looks line there is a continuous flow of beginners entering into the online ventures. These blood suckers seem to be self-assured that they can victimize these newbies always. They even have the cheek to rebrand themselves. On the other hand, the existence of such bad business people helps honest and legitimate platforms like Wealthy Affiliate stands out as a beacon in the ocean heavily infested by sharks.

    1. Great point Kipps!

      I did make a mistake of spending my money on scams a few times when I was a beginner as well. It’s crazy how we’re very skeptical when it comes to easy money offline, yet we believe every scam online. Live and learn I guess.

  6. Great review of the Home Profits System, thanks for giving a warning of this program.
    I really hate scams like this one, fake people, fake claims and results, but what do they actually teach or give you?
    Probably just on selling their “system” to someone else!
    So many people get sucked into similar scams like this one and they really give legitimate online marketing opportunities a bad name!
    Thanks again for the warning!

    1. Well their actual “system” tells you to sign up to CPA programs as spam links online, hoping someone will bite.


  7. We really need to double up our efforts in stopping the many online scams out there tearing lives apart and stealing individuals hard earned money.

    Thank you for making available the ways in which we can make money and make plenty of it the safe way.

    There are allot of site out there where individuals can earn a living online and I thank you for reminding me that. Keep up the fight against online scamming!

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