Click4Surveys – Clicking for a Scam?

Another survey site grabbed my attention – this one is called Click4Surveys. The site certainly looks attractive with all the testimonials but can you really make money with it?

Click4Surveys Testimonials

First of all I’d like to bring your attention to glowing testimonials on this website. Happy customers gave their photos to be put on the sidebar of the website. Other went as far as recording a great video reviews to tell you how amazing the site is and how you will be rich. However, with only a few clicks of a button I was able to find out these reviews were not from real customers but from paid actors. These folks earn money by creating videos endorsing ANYTHING you want for a miserly 5 dollars! Yep, for $5 you can get your own video testimonials on Fiverr (and many other websites).

The blonde that we see in a video and on the sidebar:

Click4Surveys review


She offers $5 reviews of any product. Her listing can be easily spotted on top of fiverr (apparently she makes quite a few videos):

Click4Surveys Review


Now this “customer” from the sidebar:

Click4Surveys Review Scam


Also offers videos (among other things) for $5. The owner of Click4Surveys didn’t even bother to ask this man to take a picture in a different place. As you can see the picture on the site and the picture on Fiverr are taken in the same room with same background:

Click4Surveys Review


So here is my first question: Should you trust a product that is obliged to fake their customer testimonials by hiring people off the internet?

How Do Survey Sites Work?

Is is true that certain survey sites, also often refered to as survey panel will pay out to its participants. However, the payouts are often very low. I recently reviewed another survey scam site and I mentioned how I was offered to fill out surveys and the average earnings for such work came out to $4 per hour. The minimum wage in Canada is about $10 per hour at the moment so surveys won’t make you money.

There are many many companies who might offer surveys from time to time for higher payout but these companies usually invite a very limited amount of people and they will never associate themselves with sites like Click4Surveys. Several websites will also offer vouchers and coupons of some sort instead of cash which is not ideal if you want to make money (and not McDonalds coupons).

And here is one of the most important things: You should never pay to join a survey site. These sites are teaching you anything or providing any kind of value to you. Although you are promised to be flooded with a bunch of well paying surveys – the reality is far from this. I can’t stress this enough: DO NOT PAY for joining any survey websites. All official survey sites are completely free to join. Click4Surveys promises the world to you at a cost of $97. However, right next to the checkout button they are offering you a 65% coupon which will bring the price all the way down to $34.

click4survey review

Now look at the left side they claim the offer is valid ONLY until today’s date (October 22nd). Re-visit their page on any other day and you will always see the date of when you are visiting the site. They are trying to pressure you into buying right now by creating a fake special offer. Fake testimonials, fake coupons, is there anything real about this website?

Actually going through Click4Survey site, reading their sales letter, their promises, looking at their special offer and pretty much everything else it makes me think of another site. Recently I reviewed GetCashForSurveys and I wouldn’t be surprised if same people were behind both sites. Remove a few words and the sites are identical.

Verdict for Click4Surveys: Spam.


Making Money Off Of Surveys

You can certainly make money online. However, proper survey websites will only be able to offer you a few hundred dollars per year at most. There are a lot of people who want to do this kind of work and there aren’t enough surveys. Most of the time only a few spots are available so you’ll spend your days waiting for “work” and not actually working. Here are some of the testimonials I’ve gathered online:

I have earned over £200 in the last year just doing online surveys while watching sport on TV or listening to the radio. The money from these – I always get cash if possible – just helped me pay for my new boiler. Next stop new windows! – jet9cat

In the last year I’ve made over £800 on online surveys, but it does take a lot of spare time and all survey sites were definitely not created equally. If I really busted a gut and did every survey I received I could probably double it.– nehpets81

Doesn’t sound too promising, does it?

If you want to make money online, then keep reading this review. If you still want to fill out surveys for $4 per hour then do yourself a favor and research real survey sites that don’t charge you anything.


Earning a Living Online

I’ve had my last job in 2007. I worked at an office (which I really hated) but you gotta eat, right? That year I’ve stumbled upon the concept of Online Marketing and I have been doing this for 7 years now. Unfortunately I am far from making millions of dollars per year but I don’t mind. I work for myself, I take vacations when I want and I fly overseas for months at a time. We call that the internet lifestyle. I don’t fill out surveys or click on some ads or sell my old clothes on eBay.

Online Marketing (also known as Internet Marketing) is a great way to build your own business without investing much (if any) money. After falling for quite a few scams I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I decided to give them a try because unlike most other programs/services/products online they were pretty straight forward and never promised overnight riches. Folks at WA said they provide proper online business training and they told me to forget about magic shortcuts to millions since there weren’t any.

Well, 7 years later I am still a member of their amazing community. Every single day I still learn new things in this ever-evolving world of Internet. The best thing though – you can put your credit card away and join completely for 0$. That’s not a typo, basic membership is completely free. Check it out and see if it’s for you.



Have you ever fallen for a survey scam?

– Alex

13 thoughts on “Click4Surveys – Clicking for a Scam?”

  1. Hi Alex

    I was about to join Clicks4Surveys.

    I did try to get in touch with a real “person” before paying the $34 but emails I sent to support option on site remain unanswered or bounce back. I visited the site several days and also noticed what you mention about the “just for today” discount offer being there all the time with ammended dates.
    These two things I found distressing but stupidly thought the support would be available once I actually joined. I am so desperate to make money I lose logic.

    I can’t tell you how grateful people like me are for you who genuinely has a heart and wants to protect and help people.
    Bless you!!!

    Chatted to my mom who offered to give me the cash. But then she checked on google and came across your reviews.

    Wow you are doing amazing work to save naive honest desperate people like me from throwing away money we don’t have.

    I’ve also looked at . Is that one ok?

    I will definitely check out Wealthy Affiliates too.

    Much gratitude


    1. Nadia, I am glad you found this review helpful. Unfortunately there is still no clear way to fight these scams online these days so the new ones will keep on popping up as long as people buy into them 🙁

      1. That is true. I was surprised when this advertisement offered a beautiful agenda but in at the end I found they asked something to pay for the product.

  2. Dear Alex,

    Thanks so much for this information, like some other folks said earlier, i was at the point of joining this scam survey biz, when I decided to do a little web search about them and luckily i found your post.


  3. Alex, thanks for this detailed review! I was about to purchase this program but decided to research other people’s experiences and found your site.

    Thank you for warning us, another scam avoided!

    1. Jenna, I am glad to hear you decided to do more research before buying into Click4Survey.

      Personally I always spend a fair share of time researching products I am planning to purchase, both physical and digital.

      Best of success 😉

  4. Dude! Thanks for opening my eyes.
    I was very tempted to join Click4Surveys because I kept seeing it online. After reading your review im pretty sure it’s a scam but how come there are so many good reviews about it?

    1. Hey, Tom.
      Thanks for checking out the review and making the right decision.

      Now, about those good reviews. If you compare those reviews, most of them are very similar. Most of them are hyped up and they promises that you’ll make a bunch of money with Click4Surveys yet they do not go into details of how it really works. This is why those reviews aren’t coming from customers (just like the testimonials on the sales page). These “reviews” are written by Click4Survey affiliates, people who make a commission when they make a sale of Click4Survey.

      Unfortunately not all marketers are honest and ethical so many of them promote whatever program that will pay a commission. Finally, those reviews aren’t really reviews but rather re-worded sales pitch.

  5. I wasn’t cautious enough and gave my money to this scam to only find out they don’t keep up with their promises. They don’t pay you for surveys and they don’t really show you where to find well-paid surveys. One of the reasons I paid for clickfor surveys was because they promised a guaranteed refund but now I have no idea how to get my money back. Any help with this Alex?

    1. Hi, Linda.

      It’s unfortunate to hear that you bought the product you don’t like.

      Click4Survey sell their products through Clickbank (digital marketplace) so they are obliged to offer you 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. Unfortunately they do not make the whole process obvious.

      You can visit this link: and request a refund directly from Clickbank. Before doing so, check your inbox and find a receipt from CB (Clickbank Order), you will need that information to get a refund.

      Best of luck!
      – Alex

      1. Hi, Noel.

        Wealthy Affiliate is not a system or a scheme of some sort but rather an online business training. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build (or grow) your online business, regardless of your experience or/and skills.

        You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate review post. I think that article will give you all the details about WA and it will help you understand if it’s a good fit for you. Btw, I recently added a video walk-through in there, so enjoy!

        – Alex

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