Commission Kaboom – Legit Or Total Scam?

commission kaboom scam

Commission Kaboom is a new product (launched November 2014) and I’ve already been receiving e-mails from their affiliates.

Commission Kaboom Review

This “system” promises to show you how to go from zero dollars to 5 figures per month within 30 days. That’s exactly what grabbed my attention: another “magic button” to millions? So I’ve decided to look into Commission Kaboom (CK) and write this review for you.

The Commission Kaboom System

The most deceiving thing about CK is their hyped up sales pages. Unfortunately most internet marketing products present us with such pages full of promises and easy income. “You Can Get Started Today And See Real Results Tomorrow” – really?

If you are looking for a shortcut to riches, STOP now. I have been in this business for 7 years and I can assure you there simply isn’t a magic button. There is no “instant income” and “autopilot profits overnight”. The truth is, we are lazy and we want instant gratification so we tend to jump with joy, grabbing single new shiny product that promises to make us rich.

Commission Kaboom is no exception, it won’t make you rich overnight. It won’t make you 5 figures within 30 days. This product is not even a system as they claim but a video course that deals with affiliate marketing.


Inside Commission Kaboom

I have to admit that the price of this product is very low, $10.95 at the moment of writing this review. The sales page hurries you to buy the product NOW while it’s cheap. This could be a simple marketing scarcity technique or they actually might raise the price since most internet marketing products in similar category usually sell for $27-$97. Besides the main course for 11 dollars you will be presented with two (2) OTOs (One-Time-Offer). The first OTO, priced at $27 offers some case studies and another product called LinkedIn Profits. The second OTO, priced at $37 is called Commission Kaboom Done For You Package. As far as I understand the 2nd OTO is a package of templates, graphics, e-book covers, etc.

The main course is split in five modules, each part is actually a video explaining the module.

Commission Kaboom Review


CK Module 1: Factors Leading To A Lack Of Success Of Affiliate Marketers

I expected this module to be the same old “motivational” information that tells you to not give up. However, the creators of this product chose a different path. As they explain, the main reason why affiliates fail is because they promote wrong products. Either the product is bad, the sales copy is bad, the graphics are of low quality, etc. I can’t completely disagree with them, however I think most marketers fail because they don’t take enough action. Sure, it’s hard to sell a bad product but you should realize the product isn’t hot if you work a lot on promoting it and it simply doesn’t sell.


CK Module 2: Should You Promote A Low Converting Sales Page

In this video they suggest promoting products with low conversion sales pages. Explaining that most marketers won’t promote such products – you will be able to stand out. I don’t really agree with this strategy as I lost a lot of time and effort trying to promote such offers back when I was just starting Internet Marketing. One thing that I really liked in this video is the suggestion of only selling and promoting high quality products that you personally like, use and would recommend to friends and family. I have been applying this rule for a few years and it makes a lot of sense. Whenever you read my recommendations on this blog it’s only for products and services I use or have used in the past.


CK Module 2.5?

There is a short video (1:45min) between the modules 2 and 3 which is called Super Affiliate Secret. The secret basically explains that you should bring up the value of the low converting sales page before presenting it to the potential customers. That’s the secret.


CK Module 3: Establishing Yourself As An Authority

The 3rd module talks about becoming an expert in your niche. Some suggestions include creating your own products, becoming a blogger, being interviewed and some others. Unfortunately this 7 minutes video does not go in-depth on any of these strategies. Yes, becoming an authority in your niche is a great thing and will help you sell more products but it takes a LOT of effort and time. Gladwell, the author of Outliers: The Story Of Success (great book, by the way!) often mentions the “10,000-Hour Rule”, claiming that you will become successful at anything is you put in an average of 10,000 hours into it. The 10,000 hours (that’s almost 5 years, working 40 hours a week) might be an exaggeration but it does take a lot of time to become really good at something. Become an authority in an industry is not any different.


CK cover

CK Module 4:  Adding Value To A Vendor Offer

This module kind of continues what was started in module 2.5. It explains how to add more value to any offer by offering bonuses. If you go to any website promoting products (especially in the Internet Marketing industry), most will offer you lots of bonuses if you buy from their link. I don’t fall for bonuses anymore for 2 main reasons. First: most bonuses are complete junk, outdated and rehashed PLRs. Second: most bonus offers have made up value (ex: Buy this $17 e-book and you’ll receive $7,987 worth of bonus products). Offering a bonus is a great idea but make sure the bonus is unique and of high quality. Commission Kaboom authors also suggest creating your own bonuses.


CK Module 5: Three Fundamental Practices of Super Affiliates

This is the last and longest video of Commission Kaboom (18:39min). This video goes into explaining a simple model of affiliate marketing. Create a site with a purpose of reviewing products (and offering bonuses). Choose good products to promote (better payout, recurring billing, new product launches). And of course, build a list using an auto responder. If you are not a complete newbie to affiliate marketing you probably won’t learn anything new here.


CK The Rest

There are some other videos in this system but I didn’t feel like watching all of them. Simply judging by their titles I already know all of the information in them and I wouldn’t learn anything you. There is also a bonus section for newbies which explains how to set-up your own website.


Commission Kaboom – The Verdict.

Commission Kaboom offers an introduction to affiliate marketing. Brand new affiliate marketers will surely learn a few concepts so I cannot call this product a scam. However, a lot of the information is too basic and could be found online for free. Unfortunately the creators of the product concentrate on teaching you how to sell “Internet Marketing Products”. This industry is over-saturated. Although profitable, the industry of IM is not the best starting point for newbies. The product does offer some valuable information to beginner marketers but I wouldn’t recommend it as there are much better learning platforms.

I’ve been an internet marketer and an affiliate marketer since 2007. I’ve build my fair share of websites and sold thousands of products online, both digital and physical. It all started when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate (full review here) – a community where I actually learned how how to put all the pieces together. Clear step-by-step action plans, how-to videos and thousands of helpful members of that community are the reason why I’m still a member of this platform. No wonder it’s my #1 recommended product. If you want access to full affiliate marketing training, support, free hosting and a lot more you should check out WA, basic membership is completely free!



– Alex

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