In this episode of Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by Oliver Gardner, a marketer, an inspiring entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of

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Oliver Gardner Interview

About 6 years ago a new landing page platform for marketers, called Unbounce was launched by Oli Gardner and his co-founders. Unbounce is now one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to landing pages, the folks worked really hard to get it where it is now.

There were other similar services but Unbounce was very unique. It helps you bring landing pages very quickly and it’s 100% flexible (as opposed to most other similar services). You can easily A/B test and most importantly you do not need to deal with IT folks or anyone else really, you can. do it yourself.

In this episode Oli explains how the company was built, how they manage to grow it every single year and of course what you can do to create web pages that convert well because after all it’s not about how many people come to your site but how well they convert into leads. clients, etc. Scroll up and press that PLAY button for lots of juicy details.

Favorite quote from this episode: “If you don’t have any value than your business has no business being a business. If yo can’t communicate that value within the first few seconds than you business will fail.”

In this episode you will learn:

  • What is a landing page and when do you need to create one
  • Why you should aim for long term success rather than overnight shortcuts
  • Why you need to try to do things BETTER than anyone else.
  • How You can get featured on Unbounce blog
  • How to understand that your idea is not working and should be changed into something different (or let go completely)
  • How to split test your pages for best resuts
  • Why you shouldn’t chase trends when it comes to designing your website
  • … and a lot more!


Find out more about Oli here:

Oli Gardner on Twitter

Unbounce Resource Page

We have mentioned several different resources in this episode so here they are:

Michael Aagaard’s talk “DATA driven conversion research”  from the Call To Action conference.

“Attention-Driven DESIGN” by Oli Gardner. Grab this ebook for free here.

2016 CTA Conference is in June and you can get your tickets here!


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