EPP 091: Using Pinterest To Grow Your Business With Kate Ahl

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by an entrepreneur, social media expert and the founder of Simple Pin Media – Kate Ahl.

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Kate Ahl Interview

Kate Ahl was working as a blog editor and a Social Media manager since 2010. She helped with web traffic and many other things however in 2013 when Facebook made some major changes that social traffic to the blog started drying up. Many (most) marketers who were using Facebook for their brand back in 2013 have heard of these updates. This is when Kate decided to experiment with something new.

She saw that some of the high quality traffic was coming from Pinterest. Kate decided to learn all she could about that platform so she could leverage it. Soon enough Kate got a great understanding of Pinterest and she know what worked and what didn’t. This is when Simple Pin Media was born.

In a few short months Simple Pin Media went from 2 clients to 6. At this point Kate has hired 20 employees and Simple Pin Media serves over 60 clients, helping them grow their brand (and profit) while using Pinterest.

In this episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast Kate explains how she launched and grew Simple Pin Media. She also shares amazing tips that will help you improve your “Pinterest-game” which result in increase in traffic and probably in sales. Without spoiling the episode, scroll up and press the PLAY button.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why Pinterest isn’t a perfect fit for every company
  • The most important Pinterest Marketing tips
  • How to grow your brand online
  • Why you need to start hiring people regardless of what your business does
  • Why you need a business coach
  • … and a lot more!


In order to get in touch with Kate Ahl or to simply find out more about Simple Pin Media:

Simple Pin Media – official website

Simple Pin Media on Twitter

Simple Pin Media on Pinterest


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– Alex


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