EPP 103: Successful Weight-Loss Coaching With Nagina Abdullah

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by an entrepreneur, the owner and founder of MasalaBody.com – Nagina Abdullah

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Nagina Abdullah wasn’t very happy with her weight and decided to do something about it. Having 2 kids and working a 60+ hour/week job didn’t make the weight-loss process any easier.

Nagina grabbed a copy of “4-hour week body” by Tim Ferriss and started learning about proper eating. However as most diets are simply bland and not very tasty, she decided to add her own spin on it. Nagina integrated spices into her diet and lost 10 lbs within a month. 9 month later she was 40 lbs lighter, and she was definitely onto something.

When people started asking Nagina how she managed to lose weight while raising a family and working a very demanding job, she launched her blog MasalaBody in order to share her experience and recipes. At one point one of the blog readers reached out to Nagina and asked if she offered weight-loss coaching. This is when a hobby first became a business.

Nagina started offering free 45 minute calls through her moderate email list of 500 subscribers. When she felt the person on the phone was a right fit, she offered her coaching. Slowly but surely Nagina started building her client base. This side business earned her a total of $30,000 within first 7 months. At this point she leveraged her newly acquired experience and was earning a consistent $10,000 per month with her one-on-one coaching.

I asked Nagina how she was able to start and grow a business while working a full time job and raising a family. Her answer was rather simple: figure out what’s really important to you and find the time to do that. Finding an extra 3-5 hours a week translates into 60 hours of solid work over a period of 3 months. And where do you find these 3-5 hours per week? Watch less TV (or none at all), go out less, find someone to watch your kids once in a while. If your business is a priority, you will find the time. Nagina also claims that her most productive time of the day is before 7 am.

Today Nagina chose to take a different role at her day job. She works less hours which gives her more time to grow her business. She understood that one-on-one coaching cannot be scaled because there are only that many hours in a day. The new training program, “Spice Yourself Skinny” was born. This is a 8-week online training program that teaches a group of 100 students at a time. Re-structuring the business in such way helped Nagina take her business to another level. Quitting the job is in the works for the future but at this moment Nagina enjoys the security of her salary because it allows her to experiment more with her own business.

It wasn’t always fun and great for Nagina and she’s had quite a few dark moments while building her business. She also spent 6 months writing a recipe book to only figure out no one really wanted it. However she learned from these hard times and turned them into a valuable experience.

In this podcast episode Nagina shares many more juicy details, tips and experiences so scroll up and press the PLAY button to hear the full episode.


More About Nagina Abdullah:

MasalaBody.com – official website

Nagina set-up a unique gift for Extra Paycheck Podcast listeners. It’s a fast and easy spiced breakfast bundle packed with 3 Grab and Go Healthy Breakfasts, Personalized Paleo Egg Muffin Recipe, PB&J Smoothie Recipe.


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