Quantum Code Review – Scam or Reality

Quantum Code (QC) promises to teach you how to make $1,892,460 every single month, on autopilot. Pretty awesome promise right? But what’s really behind the QC?


Quantum Code System Overview

If you have stumbled upon Quantum Code’s sales pitch somewhere online you certainly got intrigued. You probably told yourself: “Wow, making almost $2 Million per month! Is it real?”. Although this promise sounds great, your listen to your skeptical side and decide to do some research before parting with your money. This was a great decision. In this detailed review of the Quantum Code I’ll explain if this is a scam and if you should join it or simply ignore it.

Quantum Code scam

Who is Michael Crawford?

It all starts with Michael Crawford, the supposed creator of Quantum Code. From the very first minute of the video Michael tells you that you heard of him on Forbes and other financial magazines. He does this to build credibility. If the guy was on Forbes, he must be legit, right?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching Forbes and a few other financial magazines. The name Michael Crawford is nowhere to be seen. Even a thorough search through Google and other search engines proves that the person we see in this video does not exist. The guy in the video is a hired actor who reads a script, he is not a business mogul featured in Forbes, he is not a “Wall Street Wizard” or any other clever names that he calls himself. So from the very first minutes of the sales video you are being lied to. Michael does not exist.


Fake Scarcity Marketing

Have you noticed the counters at the bottom of the sales page? One says there are 100-200 people on the page at the moment and the other one says there is only 1 VIP spot left? You are feeling the pressure to join right now before that last spot is filled but you shouldn’t. This is your typical scarcity marketing where they try to hurry you into making a decision by “inflating” the demand or reducing the availability. “Only 2 spots left!”, “Price will go up in the next 4 minutes”, etc. These counters and statements are fake.


If you refresh the page you’ll see there are 10-20 spots available but as soon as you start watching the video it goes down to 1 spot. Refresh again and the story repeats itself. Don’t fall for the false scarcity.


Quantum Code’s over-exaggerated claims

At the very top of the page you are promised that you will make almost $2 Million dollars every single month. First of all, if this was real, no one would share this “secret” with you. However, this is once again a fake claim. As we go further into our investigation, the video explains that you will be set up with an awesome trading software in the binary options market. This automated software does everything for you, all you need to do is deposit $250 into your account and start making money.

Ask any trader out there and you’ll soon realize this is impossible. There is no software capable of doing such trades. Also the video promises 100% accuracy – which is once again impossible. Conditions and changes of the market depend on so many factors that the outcome is simply impossible to predict, by a human or by a software. If it was that easy to make money I wouldn’t be here writing this explanation and you wouldn’t be here reading it. We’d both be making millions of dollars.

quantum code system scam

A promise of 100% autopilot and ZERO risk in trading? You understand that trading in general has a risk. Binary options has a very HIGH risk and is usually discouraged and even banned in certain countries.


How is Quantum Code even legal?

This review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t explain how these kind of “companies” survive. Obviously the Quantum Code is a Scam. However a scam can exist for a few months, sometimes even a year before shutting down. It takes a lot of reports from people who lost money in order to shut down a scam. However once a scam like this is reported and even shut down, they simply move on to another website and do it all over again with a new name.

The Quantum Code was formerly known as The Azure Method. It was the same scam, just under a different name. It seems like the Quantum Code is getting quite a bit of a bad reputation online so they have started rolling out their new website: The Orion Code.

The Orion Code has the same exactly page and branding as the Quantum Code. Even the logo is pretty much identical (along with fake promises and fake counters). However in the Orion Code you will see a different video, featuring “Edward Robinson”. The funny thing is, they changed the actor but left the exactly same script. Edward says he’s been in Forbes, he is a Wall Street Wizard and everything else that Michael said. Orion Code Scam is an exact copy of the Quantum Code scam.

By the way, Michael Crawford is also the same actor that was used for Terran Capitals scam and a few others.


Fake Quantum Code Testimonials

Quantum Code websites displays testimonials in their video as well as on their page (one you sign up with your email address). Just like the main host of the show Michael, these testimonials are completely bogus.

quantum code scam review

If you do a simple image search on Google, you will find the pictures of these people with different names and completely unrelated to the Quantum Code scam.These photos have been either stolen or purchased on a “stock image” websites for a few dollars.


Quantum Code Review: The Verdict

Although I have tried to find something real, honest or genuine about the Quantum Code, I wasn’t able to do so. From paid actors to fake testimonials, from pressuring scarcity techniques to over-inflated income promises this whole scheme simply stinks. Loads of people have reported that they have been fooled by this “trading” scam and lost at least $250 which you need to fund your trading account. If you were a victim of this scam you need to report it to the authorities as soon as possible.

Please stay safe and keep your money in your wallet.


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