RewardDollars Review – Is Reward Dollars A Scam?

RewardDollars claims to be The #1 Social Media Network that will allow you to earn $500-$1000 per day by simply posting links to your social media accounts (such as Facebook). Is RewardDollars legit? How does it work and what exactly is it? Let’s look inside this “social network”.


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Reward Dollars Scam

RewardDollars or InboxDollars ?

Before I start this RewardDollars review I would like to clear a few things up. I was initially approached by one of my blog readers to look into Inbox Dollars ( on suspicion of scam. Please take note that and are 2 completely separate companies. I was asked to review the .CO website and not the .com.

As I searched InboxDollars on Google I found the website ranking as the 2nd result. However, one click showed me that the website is now called RewardDollars. The domain name still exists but it now redirect you to a brand new site located at Interesting, isn’t it?

As I tried to find more information about the I realized that this website managed to gain quite a negative reputation in just a few months. People complaining that it was a scam and that it doesn’t pay. This is starting to make sense. Since InboxDollars lost it’s reputation they simply rebranded by creating a new (fake?) company.

Here is the registration information for InboxDollar:

inbox dollar registration

As you can see the domain name was registered on January 1st 2020. At the moment of writing this blog post we are March 31st, exactly 3 months later.

And here is the registration information for the brand new RewardDollars:

Reward Dollars domain

The domain name was registered yesterday, March 30, 2020. The website is 1 day old. We’ll get back to this information later.



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Reward Dollars Review

So what exactly is the RewardDollars? It certainly isn’t the “The #1 Social Media Network” as they promise. The website promises to help you make up to a $1,000 per day using social media. It sounds intriguing, doesn’t? The membership is free and they even offer you $25 bonus just for signing up, how cool is that?

They also promise to pay you $2 every time someone clicks on your referral link and $20 every time someone signs up to the site using your link. $50 to fill out a simple survey and $50 for installing apps on your phone. The list goes on, you can earn thousands of dollars by simply clicking a few things. Sounds too good to be true? It’s because it is.

In order to offer you a very detailed review I actually signed up to RewardDollars in order to understand how it works.

One of the things that I noticed immediately was their promotional banners that you “should” be posting on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Here is a screenshot:

RewardDollars Scam

In the top left corner you see that we are on the RewardDollars website. Yet the promotional banners claim it’s InboxDollars. But at this point we know that Inbox Dollars simply disappeared and stopped existing probably just a few days ago (if not today). Whoever runs these scheme simply copied the content from the old website into the new one and forgot to create new banners.


RewardDollars Tasks

Let’s look at the $50 Task Wall. It’s a list of tasks that promise to pay you $50 for completion.

RewardDollars Tasks

Watch your favorite movies for free! Open a free account, start streaming and earn $50! Yes please! That sounds very rewarding and easy, let’s try it, shall we?

Here is the result:

RewardDollars virus

My antivirus software didn’t allow me to open that offer because the site seems to be infected. Thank you antivirus! But I won’t give up that fast, I want my easy money.

Let’s try another offer.

Stream the best movies now, sign up free and earn $50. Wow, that’s sounds amazing! Similar to the first offer but still… This one seems to work and I am taken to this page:

RewardDollars Scam

Gamepopz? Not quite sure if it’s a game website or movie website, but let’s look around. The website is asking me to VERIFY my account by giving them my credit card information. Sure it’s a red flag but it says that my credit card will NOT be charged for validating the account. Right? On the left side it says that NO charges will appear on your credit card statement unless you upgrade to Premium membership or make a purchase. That also makes sense but I am still skeptical (as everyone should be).


This is getting interesting

If you click on Terms and Conditions, things will become a little more clear. Not completely though. By verifying your account you agree to a 5 day free trial of the website after which you will automatically be charged $49.95 USD every single month. How do you cancel the free trial? It is absolutely unclear. There also might or might not be a $1.08 charge for cancelling your account. I said “might be” because the wording on their terms is very confusing.

The point is, once you enter your credit card details into that website – be ready to get charged for services you do not want. This kind of practice is illegal in the United States and several other countries, however the website is registered in Cyprus. Good luck trying to sue a company that’s registered there.

I did not need to click on any other offers because I understood how RewardDollars works.


RewardDollars Income Model

RewardDollars does now own any of those offer websites (most likely). However they are using CPA marketing to make money off of you. CPA in this case stands for Cost Per Action. The owners of GamePopz (and other offers on the website) pay a certain amount for every new customer. I am not sure how much exactly in this case but I would assume anywhere between $10 and $30.

So every time a new customer (you, for example) signs up for the “free” gamepopz account, RewardDollars website earns $10-$30. The money is the “Cost” and you submitting your credit card details is the “Action”, hence, Cost-per-action. Some companies in this industry not only sign you up for recurring monthly payment without you knowing, they also sell your personal information to other companies and scammers.


RewardDollars Contact Information

The domain names for both and are registered privately, which is common practice these days. However, this means we can’t really know who runs these sites since there is no ABOUT information on the actual website. There is a contact e-mail listed on the website ( ) however I did not get a reply from them. Last but not least, their website states their address as: 20 Rollins Road Cotesfield, NE 68829.

A quick Google Maps search will show you that the tiny town of Cotesfield does exist in Nebraska. However this town only has 9 roads and Rollins Road is not one of them, so the address is fake.


RewardDollars Scam Exposed

Now, what happens if you didn’t actually sign up to anything on RewardDollars website. They promised you $25 bonus but you can’t cash it out unless you earned $100. So they encourage you to do tasks or share your referral link on social media so your friends could sign up as well. First of all, do you really want your friends to fall for this scheme? I certainly wouldn’t. However, let’s say you somehow managed to get over the minimum payout threshold ($100 at this moment), what happens next?

Well, nothing.

They simply will not pay you.

I posted this EZ Bucks Review on the blog. Does it seem familiar? That’s because it’s owned by the same people (person). It looks almost identical to RewardDollars and now non-existing InboxDollar. Just look at the testimonials from each site:

RewardDollars Fake Review
RewardDollars Fake Reviews


These people do not exist. The reviews are fake and the photos come from a Free Stock Photo website. However, these testimonials are identical on both site. The claims for Reward Dollars make me laugh because “Jaysen” earned over $67,000 on a website that’s barely 1 day old. Do you see how ridiculous this is?

EZ Bucks Fake Reviews
EZ Bucks Fake Reviews


Future of RewardDollars

Reward Dollars will be promoted for a couple of months until there are enough complaints online. At that point they will come with a new name, set up a new site and keep the scheme going. Unfortunately these kind of scams are very hard to stop. If you have shared your personal details with any of the companies mentioned in this post, I wish you good luck. Look closely into your bank statement and make sure you don’t have phony charges.


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46 thoughts on “RewardDollars Review – Is Reward Dollars A Scam?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this article and review. Now I don’t care about the fake money they’re offering and indulging people into. But my concern was that they already took my information and I’m afraid that they are now using it for illegal purposes. Can you please help me if there is any way to delete all of the information I have provided? Thank you

    1. Hi Kim.
      Since this isn’t a a real company, I highly doubt they abide by any rules, laws or regulations. This being said, you can’t even delete your account from them.
      If the information you’re talking about is your e-mail address and paypal address – then most likely you have nothing to worry about (besides occasional spam). Please do make sure that the PASSWORD your picked for this website is different than the one you use for your email and your paypal.

      If you filled out any of their offers and gave your credit card info – you will most likely get charged and it will be very hard (if at all possible) to cancel your subscription for those services.
      Some rumors say that such scams sell your information to others but I can’t confirm that.

      Best of luck,


  2. Hey
    I read about the reviews of the reward dollars and it’s origin and all
    I wanted to log out
    How is that possible since I can’t find its site and login page

    1. Hi, Isaac, I am not sure what exactly you’re asking.
      If you are trying to close your RewardDollars account – then it doesn’t seem to be possible.

  3. I was looking for an extra way to make money and came across I decided to look up reviews because it honestly sounds too good of an opportunity. I’m so glad I came across this site. You saved me a ton of time and frustration.

    1. Hey, Latoya. I am happy you found this post helpful.

      There are many legit ways to make extra money online, Swagbucks comes to mind. However, all of the legit “task” websites don’t pay much. If ANYONE promises you A LOT of money QUICKLY – it’s always a scam.

      – Alex

  4. Very good detective work man, u saved me from myself on this 1. It’d be really great if u show me how u got successful in affiliate marketing

    1. I am glad you found this post, Dre.

      I’ve got a free course on affiliate marketing, I can make suggestion to paid course, there are loads of other people who can offer training and advice. One common thing that you’ll find most of us tell you is that it takes effort and time. I know this has been said a million times but it’s because it’s true. You can make loads of money with it but it’s not easy and certainly won’t happen overnight.

  5. Hey, you said something about a monthly fee for reward dollars. If I linked my paypal to this, would it be taking money out of my account? Thanks

    1. Hey Jack.

      The monthly fee I was talking about would be charged to your credit card if you complete some of the tasks. I think they asked you for your Paypal address just to seem like they will pay you at some point (which will not happen).

  6. I just received an invite and I was skeptical so I did some digging. Thank you for posting. 10 million people just applied for unemployment this is the last thing we need is to be scammed

  7. I was a little sketchy at first but really didn’t know for sure if it was real are not but I did it anyways and I’ve got up to 800 dollars and wanted to get paid cause after two days pending I should of got the money. Then I went to the payment out look page showing how people have gotten paid and then it said every Friday well I started last Saturday now its Friday and no money and looked at the pending and there are now dates on it April 28, April 29 and may 1st well two of them ain’t on Friday what does that say well why are they scamming when they haven’t got any money from me but just to kick back and watch people getting upset and sending emails to you telling them off they get there high off if that dick people hell will take these guys in the fire have fun.

    1. Hey, Tim. Thanks for sharing your experience.
      Also thank you for explaining how these scams keep you hoping by extending the cashout dates. They think that you will keep on promoting them and luring more people in while waiting. Unfortunately that wait time will never end.

  8. Its very fake. I sent an email to the email provided and it bounced back. They say they pay on time every Friday, its Friday today and nothing. What a fraud!

    1. Hi Connie, I also got a notification that my email could not be delivered since their address doesn’t even exist.
      I hope you didn’t sign up for any of their offers!

  9. Saya melakukan penarikan di reward dollar sudah 3 hri tidak ad kepastian.
    Situs scam kykny. Mungkin web tidak akn membayar.
    Buang2 waktu dan kuota saya

      1. Hi
        Alex please may i know rewards dollars is a fraud company or not.
        Please may i know do they paid the money to us or not.

  10. Yeah I posted a pending payout to a email I set up for this and I put out $644 and somehow managed to get past everything and more and they say they are going to pay on may 1st

  11. thank for the write up Alex.
    I had money pending with inboxdollar and was very surprised to see that it changed for rewarddollars yesterday. My account says that the money will be carried over to the new system but I’m pretty sure it’s lie. I’ve been waiting for my payout for weeks and nothing. Can’t even get in touch with them. what a waste of time!

    1. Hi Melinda.

      Judging by reports of previous members of InboxDollar I wouldn’t have high hopes of getting a payout.
      I do highly suggest monitoring your credit card activities if you signed up for any of their offers though.

      – Alex

  12. We should report this scam and earn the deserving money. I have some pending amount and have cashed out and they claim to pay by 27 April

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