TraffixZ Full Review – Scam or Useful Software

TraffixZ by Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton claims to be a brand new, incredible software that will allow you to create loads of free traffic in just 59 seconds. Is Traffix Z that easy and does it really work?


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Traffix Z full review

TraffixZ Review

Before we jump into the full and detailed review of TraffixZ, I’d like to bring your attention to a few other products that were released by Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton in the past few months. DFY Profitz, TrazeAll, OMG Profitz, EZ SalaryZ, ShopZPresso and many many many others. It seems like these guys are able to discover a new “groundbreaking super powerful secret software” every few weeks or so. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

TraffixZ is being sold through the WarriorPlus platform which allows the sale of software and info products. If you look at Mosh’s profile, you’ll see all of his previously released products as well as real ratings from their customers. Unfortunately the site does not show full reviews but the ratings are a good indication of the quality of this (and other) software:

Traffixz feedback

Such poor ratings explain why these folks release so many products. As they “create” a new software, it gets poor ratings, horrible reviews so they just pop out a new one, with brand new name. They market it for a while and make money off of unsuspecting customers. Once the poor reviews start rolling it, they rinse and repeat.

Please note that I am referring to Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton as creators of this software. To be honest, I am doubtful these are real names and real people, but that’s beyond the point.


What is TraffixZ Software?

TraffixZ claims to allow you to create “Commission Engines” That Get You Buyer Traffic & Sales Everyday In 59 Seconds Or Less!

Think about it, you’ll start making money in 59 seconds or less. If that sounds too good to be true it’s because it is. I’ve been a full time internet marketer for the past 13 years and if I learned one thing – it’s that there is no shortcuts to riches. You can make tons of money online but you’ll have to work for it.

The Traffix z sales page does address one of the most important issues when it comes to business – traffic. If you start a YouTube channel, a blog, an affiliate website, a physical shop in your city – if no one comes there, you won’t make any money. That’s not a secret, you already knew this.

How do you get that traffic? You can pay for it (Pay-per-click, banner ads, etc) and you can get free traffic from search engines and by producing outstanding content. Have you ever seen a blog with low quality content rank well and make money? No. Have you ever seen a very popular YouTube channel that doesn’t produce original, high quality content? No.

TraffixZ promises that you will make money, using their software and without putting in the effort. Unfortunately it’s an empty promise.



How does TraffixZ Work?

The software claims to automate everything for you. In short, they will steal popular content online and create your website with it. This method was quite popular with some shady online marketers in 2010 (and before that). A software would scrape the internet for articles that have a selected keyword and simply repost these articles on your site. This strategy failed shortly when Google started penalizing websites for duplicate content.

At that point people came up with “article writing robots and spinners”. These robots would take an existing piece of content, switch sentences around and replace some worlds with synonyms. This kind of worked for a while, however the automatically generated content was obviously of very low quality and pretty much unreadable by a regular user.

TraffixZ uses similar approach, they also populate your website with other people’s video (embedding is simple and allowed) – hence creating a delusion of a high quality website, however that will not bring you traffic.

I want you to go to Google and do a simple search for a keyword phrase like: “best vacuum cleaner for carpet”. Look through the top 10 search results. Most (if not all of them) are affiliate websites. Some owned by giant tech companies like Consumer Reports and Wire Cutter, while others are owned by independent marketers such as you and me. Read through those articles, pay attention to how they are structured and what kind of information they give you.

Those are high quality articles and NO software can generate that. Especially not a 22$ piece of TraffixZ.


Is TraffixZ a Scam?

How exactly do you define a scam? Once you send your $22, you’ll get access to the “software” so they aren’t scamming you. However their promises of you getting loads of traffic by using that software are completely empty. You will NOT get traffic.

Besides, before even reaching the member’s area you will be bombarded with upsells. They promise that TraffixZ is the ONLY thing you need to succeed, however once you prove to them that you actually have money (buy paying 22$) they’ll try to persuade you to buy the Unlimited traffixZ Edition” for 97$, then done-for-you money sites for a cool $29 A 100x Conversion Booster for $77 and License Rights for $97 and so on. They’ll tell you that traffixz is the first step but if you really want to make money you’ll have to purchase all the other products (that also promise a lot and deliver nothing).

Maybe not completely  a scam – but I’d highly suggest you keep your wallet away from this.


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Making Money Online


A few paragraphs above I provided an example of affiliate websites that promote vacuum cleaners. Such websites could be built on ANY subject. Air travel, cooking, biking, drones, podcasting, fashion, gaming, insurance – truly anything and everything. Most big companies that you know offer affiliate programs, and they’re all free to join. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2007 and it is my main source of income.

If you look through my blog you’ll even find old posts where I was bragging about making 800$+ of affiliate commissions in one day such as this one:


Once again, I want to point out that although you can make lots of money online, it will not happen overnight. More importantly, you will need to put in the effort into it. You can get a head start by purchasing an existing affiliate website or you can start completely from scratch. If you are interested and willing to put in the effort, feel free to check out my FREE Affiliate Marketing course.


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